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EI Program Characteristics for the period of August 10, 2014 to September 06, 2014

Province / TerritoryEconomic Region CodeEconomic Region NameUnemployment RateNumber of Insured Hours Required to Qualify for Regular BenefitsMinimum Number of Weeks Payable for Regular BenefitsMaximum Number of Weeks Payable for Regular Benefits
Newfoundland and Labrador01 St. John's (map)6.66651538
Newfoundland and Labrador02 Newfoundland / Labrador (map)17.54203245
Prince Edward Island03 Prince Edward Island (map)10.65252145
Nova Scotia04 Eastern Nova Scotia (map)15.54203045
Nova Scotia05 Western Nova Scotia (map)11.14902345
Nova Scotia06 Halifax (map)5.77001436
New Brunswick07 Fredericton-Moncton-Saint John (map)7.46301740
New Brunswick08 Madawaska-Charlotte (map)105602044
New Brunswick09 Restigouche-Albert (map)16.44203245
Quebec10 Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine (map)15.74203045
Quebec11 Quebec (map)5.77001436
Quebec12 Trois-Rivières (map)7.56301740
Quebec13 South Central Quebec (map)5.67001436
Quebec14 Sherbrooke (map)6.76651538
Quebec15 Montérégie (map)7.26301740
Quebec16 Montreal (map)8.95951842
Quebec17 Central Quebec (map)8.15951842
Quebec18 North Western Quebec (map)9.35602044
Quebec19 Lower Saint Lawrence and North Shore (map)10.45252145
Quebec20 Hull (map)6.66651538
Quebec21 Chicoutimi-Jonquière (map)9.65602044
Ontario22 Ottawa (map)6.36651538
Ontario23 Eastern Ontario (map)7.36301740
Ontario24 Kingston (map)6.36651538
Ontario25 Central Ontario (map)7.46301740
Ontario26 Oshawa (map)7.56301740
Ontario27 Toronto (map)8.15951842
Ontario28 Hamilton (map)6.76651538
Ontario29 St. Catharines (map)7.86301740
Ontario30 London (map)7.66301740
Ontario31 Niagara (map)8.35951842
Ontario32 Windsor (map)8.95951842
Ontario33 Kitchener (map)6.36651538
Ontario34 Huron (map)7.66301740
Ontario35 South Central Ontario (map)5.57001436
Ontario36 Sudbury (map)6.86651538
Ontario37 Thunder Bay (map)5.17001436
Ontario38 Northern Ontario (map)11.64902345
Manitoba39 Winnipeg (map)5.77001436
Manitoba40 Southern Manitoba (map)67001436
Manitoba41 Northern Manitoba (map)31.84203245
Saskatchewan42 Regina (map)3.37001436
Saskatchewan43 Saskatoon (map)3.67001436
Saskatchewan44 Southern Saskatchewan (map)67001436
Saskatchewan45 Northern Saskatchewan (map)174203245
Alberta46 Calgary (map)5.37001436
Alberta47 Edmonton (map)5.67001436
Alberta48 Northern Alberta (map)7.86301740
Alberta49 Southern Alberta (map)4.67001436
British Columbia50 Southern Interior British Columbia (map)7.46301740
British Columbia51 Abbotsford (map)8.25951842
British Columbia52 Vancouver (map)5.77001436
British Columbia53 Victoria (map)67001436
British Columbia54 Southern Coastal British Columbia (map)8.95951842
British Columbia55 Northern British Columbia (map)11.44902345
Yukon56 Yukon (map)254203545
Northwest Territories57 Northwest Territories (map)254203545
Nunavut58 Nunavut (map)254203545

1. A minimum of 910 hours in the qualifying period may be needed to qualify if you are in the work force for the first time or if you are re-entering the work force after an absence of two or more years. For more information:

2. Violations from previous EI claims may increase the number of hours required to qualify for EI benefits. For more information: