EI Program Characteristics for the period of February 07, 2016 to March 12, 2016

Province / TerritoryEconomic Region CodeEconomic Region Name 1Unemployment Rate 2,3,4Number of Insured Hours Required to Qualify for Regular BenefitsMinimum Number of Weeks Payable for Regular BenefitsMaximum Number of Weeks Payable for Regular BenefitsNumber of Best Weeks Required for Benefit Calculation
Newfoundland and Labrador
Newfoundland and Labrador01St. John's (map)6.7665153821
Newfoundland and Labrador02Newfoundland/Labrador (map)519.8420324514
Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island65Charlottetown (map)7665153821
Prince Edward Island66Prince Edward Island (map)912.9455244515
Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia04Eastern Nova Scotia (map)16420304514
Nova Scotia05Western Nova Scotia (map)9595184219
Nova Scotia06Halifax (map)6.5665153821
New Brunswick
New Brunswick07Fredericton-Moncton-Saint John (map)7.4630174020
New Brunswick08Madawaska-Charlotte (map)8.8595184219
New Brunswick09Restigouche-Albert (map)13.2420264514
Quebec10Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine (map)17.2420324514
Quebec11Quebec (map)5.4700143622
Quebec12Trois-Rivières (map)7.2630174020
Quebec13South Central Quebec (map)5700143622
Quebec14Sherbrooke (map)7665153821
Quebec15Montérégie (map)6.1665153821
Quebec16Montreal (map)8.6595184219
Quebec17Central Quebec (map)7.9630174020
Quebec18North Western Quebec (map)8.4595184219
Quebec19Lower Saint Lawrence and North Shore (map)9.8560204418
Quebec20Hull (map)6700143622
Quebec21Chicoutimi-Jonquière (map)7.6630174020
Ontario22Ottawa (map)6.4665153821
Ontario23Eastern Ontario (map)7.1630174020
Ontario24Kingston (map)6.4665153821
Ontario25Central Ontario (map)6.7665153821
Ontario26Oshawa (map)6.4665153821
Ontario27Toronto (map)7.1630174020
Ontario28Hamilton (map)6.4665153821
Ontario29St. Catharines (map)8.6595184219
Ontario30London (map)5.7700143622
Ontario31Niagara (map)8.5595184219
Ontario32Windsor (map)9.6560204418
Ontario33Kitchener (map)6.5665153821
Ontario34Huron (map)8.3595184219
Ontario35South Central Ontario (map)5.1700143622
Ontario36Sudbury (map)8.8595184219
Ontario37Thunder Bay (map)6.3665153821
Ontario38Northern Ontario (map)12.2455244515
Manitoba39Winnipeg (map)6.3665153821
Manitoba40Southern Manitoba (map)6.3665153821
Manitoba41Northern Manitoba (map)35.2420324514
Saskatchewan42Regina (map)4.1700143622
Saskatchewan43Saskatoon (map)6.1665153821
Saskatchewan44Southern Saskatchewan (map)7.5630174020
Saskatchewan45Northern Saskatchewan (map)19.5420324514
Alberta46Calgary (map)7.9630174020
Alberta47Edmonton (map)6.5665153821
Alberta48Northern Alberta (map)12.5455244515
Alberta49Southern Alberta (map)8.1595184219
British Columbia
British Columbia50Southern Interior British Columbia (map)9595184219
British Columbia51Abbotsford (map)7.2630174020
British Columbia52Vancouver (map)5.8700143622
British Columbia53Victoria (map)6.7665153821
British Columbia54Southern Coastal British Columbia (map)9.3560204418
British Columbia55Northern British Columbia (map)11.9490234516
Yukon59Whitehorse (map)6.2665153821
Yukon60Yukon (map)69.4560204418
Northwest Territories61Yellowknife (map)5700143622
Northwest Territories62Northwest Territories (map)714.4420284514
Nunavut63Iqaluit (map)4.5700143622
Nunavut64Nunavut (map)820.9420324514

  1. The boundaries of these regions are determined by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). For geographic descriptions and maps of EI economic regions, see the ESDC website: http://srv129.services.gc.ca/eiregions/en/geocont.aspx.
  2. The regional rates of unemployment are produced by Statistics Canada for use by the Employment Insurance program.
  3. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this table is correct. If any discrepancies are found, regional rates of unemployment for the Employment Insurance program produced and published by Statistics Canada take precedent.
  4. The monthly regional unemployment rates for EI purposes (except for the territories) are seasonally adjusted 3-month-moving averages.
  5. This region excludes St. John's.
  6. Effective October 12, 2014, Yukon is divided into two EI economic regions: Whitehorse and Yukon (not including Whitehorse).
  7. Effective October 12, 2014, the Northwest Territories is divided into two EI economic regions: Yellowknife and Northwest Territories (not including Yellowknife).
  8. Effective October 12, 2014, Nunavut is divided into two EI economic regions: Iqaluit and Nunavut (not including Iqaluit).
  9. Effective October 12, 2014, Prince Edward Island is divided into two EI economic regions: Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island (not including Charlottetown).
  10. The monthly regional unemployment rates for EI purposes in the territories are subject to the greater of a seasonally adjusted 3-month-moving average or 12-month-moving average.
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